Your Recovered Life Series with Ross Remien, Director/Founder of Rebos


Ross Remien, Director/Founder of Rebos


I first met Ross Remien two years ago. He had just opened a new treatment center, Rebos in Los Angeles, and I was struck by his fierce passion, unshakable conviction and most sincere desire to make a difference for people who were struggling as he had to get sober and find a life of purpose and passion.

During his 16 years of active addiction he had experienced a wide sampling of rehabs and somehow felt something was missing in the paradigm.

I know, I know.

A newcomer with big ideas of how things ‘should’ be…

But it was during one of his last trips to rehab that he was struck with the idea of opening his own treatment center. That idea was the start of a 7-year journey…

Ross is a rebel, a smart ass and a warrior for recovery and I was so pleased when he agreed to share how it all began and where it is today.

We discuss:

        • CREATING yourself vs. FINDING yourself
        • Missed opportunities
        • EVERYTHING starts with a goal
        • Investigating fear
        • Quitting when it get hard and just before the miracle happens (don’t do it!)
        • Getting feisty and finding your strut ;)


P.S. Here is the link to the book by Po Bronson, What Should I Do With My Life?: The True Story of People Who Answered The Ultimate Question

Ross Remien’s Official Bio:

Ross Remien is the founder and CEO of Rebos, an intensive outpatient program, that is dedicated to providing the life skills, treatment protocols, and individual support needed to help each individual successfully achieve sobriety.

Ross had a severe addiction to drugs and alcohol for 16 years. He has faced his own addictions and totally understands what his clients go through when trying to achieve their personal goals. Ross is known to help clients with unique techniques to see their true potential. He has created Rebos to help people achieve the same success and happiness that he has found.



Your Recovered Life Series with Rev. Everett Alexander, PhD, Death Mid-Wife


Rev. Everett Alexander, PhD, Death Mid-Wife


I have known Reverend Everett Alexander since the early days of my recovery. During that time, I’ve seen him walk through the good and bad with an admirable and unshakable dignity, grace, faith and humor. He has beaten ridiculous odds in terms of overcoming his addiction and living HIV positive for 30+ years. 

I’m excited to share this conversation where he shares how when faced with an unfulfilling career that ‘just dried up’ he used a technique (he now teaches others) to find his Heart’s Desire… Continue reading

Your Recovered Life Series with Tim Harrington, Intervention Specialist & Recovery Advocate


Tim Harrington, Intervention Specialist & Recovery Advocate


Tim Harrington is fiercely committed to the world of recovery. He helps people get and stay sober – in whatever way works best for them AND takes daily actions aimed at reducing the shame and stigma of addiction.

The first time I saw Tim in action was at a big conference on addiction treatment. It was during a panel discussion that he raised his hand and asked a simple question.

He referenced how we, who understood addiction and treatment, were all there to learn more…but what about all the people ‘out there’ who weren’t in the know? Especially those whose lives addiction crashed into and who hadn’t a clue about the disease and even LESS about recovery. What if we had a conference for THOSE people? Continue reading

Your Recovered Life Series with Tonya Meeks, LMFT, Performer


Tonya Meeks, LMFT, Performer


Tonya Meeks is a renegade. She’s a respected therapist AND a rock star performer. 

She says ‘YES!’ to bold opportunities – I’ve watched her do it.

And she tells the truth…She can’t help it.

I look to her as an example and inspiration of going after what you really want, doing it YOUR way and figuring it out as you go. 

I went to see Tonya’s one-woman show, Flying Standby, which tells the story of her childhood with an alcoholic mother, a turbulent ride of addiction, lost love, and a final desperate flight toward reconciliation. YIKES!

One-person shows are the definition of brave.

Or crazy… Continue reading

Your Recovered Life Series with Owen Osborne, Photographer


Owen Osborne, Photographer

I had the good fortune to be seated next to the incredibly talented and kind Owen Osborne at a gala event not too long ago… He was there as the personal photographer for a VIP getting an impressive award.

We chatted for a bit and after noticing some code words, realized we were in the same secret club. Woo-hoo!

He had such a great way about him – he was clearly working – but he had a charm and ease and professionalism that made it seem like he would have been happy doing this even if he weren’t on the job.

Of course, I wanted to know more.

So I asked him.

He told me about being a professional fisherman for years in Florida and how everything changed during his journey to recovery…about selling his boat and buying $25,000 of camera equipment on a whim and what happened next.   Continue reading

Your Recovered Life Series with Greg Williams, Filmmaker


Greg Williams, Filmmaker

Last spring I was minding my own business on Facebook ( ;) ) when I happened upon a kickstarter video that rocked my world.

Greg Williams, was talking about a film he was making called The Anonymous People (see description below). I sat at my kitchen table with my little boy on my lap and was riveted. By the time my husband had come over to see what was making me so excited, I was crying the best kind of tears. It was so inspiring.

I was raised to believe that one person’s voice can make a difference and here was this new fact for me: 23 Million Americans are living in long-term recovery.


What if WE used OUR voices to start defining the conversation? The options for treatment? Put an end to the shame and stigma that, even if we don’t personally feel, exists in the world and certainly in the media? And how about this one: That living in recovery isn’t a slog but a joy and a spring board for an amazing life?

Continue reading

Your Recovered Life Series with Mike Bornhorst, Therapist and Coach


Mike Bornhorst, Therapist and Coach

I was excited when Mike Bornhorst, LICSW, CPCC agreed to talk to me for Your Recovered Life Series: True Stories from the Future. As soon as he heard about this project, Mike was an enthusiastic supporter. He gave generously of his time and heart as I was figuring out the best way to bring these stories to light…and his Boston accent always brightened my day!

Mike gives new meaning to the phrase, “a guy’s guy” – he’s not about hiding out in the man cave with a cooler and a flat screen. Mike’s mission is to free and connect men’s hearts.


Just like that. 

And he’s doing it.

Continue reading

Your Recovered Life Series with Ro Rowan, Musician


Ro Rowan, Musician

I’m so excited to share this powerful conversation with the incomparable Ro Rowan as the next installment of Your Recovered Life Series: True Stories From The Future.

Ro is a gifted cellist, songwriter, composer, photographer and videographer.

She’s the quintuple threat ;)

She’s currently rocking her dream at the Berklee School of Music in Boston where she is enjoying huge success, performing with and for a who’s who of the music industry and winning more accolades and scholarships than I can list here. (Go here to read more or see her official bio below…)

And oh yeah, she’s REALLY happy!

Along the way to owning her calling she was a collegiate athlete, worked as a video editor and was the owner of her own fitness business.

I had the opportunity to hear her story and was inspired by her honesty, passion and willingness to walk through the fear in order to live a life of connection, authenticity and joy.

Continue reading

Your Recovered Life Series with Robyn Cruze, Author


Robyn Cruze, Author

I am thrilled to share an inspiring conversation with Robyn Cruze, a trailblazer in the world of eating disorder recovery and co-author of Making Peace with Your Plate: Eating Disorder Recovery.

We had a chance meeting at the Barnes and Noble on the 3rd Street Promenade when I was chaperoning my son’s field trip. In the calm of the storm when the kids were being read a story I told her about this project and she immediately raised her hand to share her story. It is one of persistence, courage and hope. :)

Continue reading

Your Recovered Life Series with Ellie Schoenberger, Recovery Advocate


Ellie Schoenberger, Recovery Advocate


The first conversation for Your Recovered Life Series: True Stories from the Future is with the inspiring and inimitable Ellie Schoenberger.

Ellie wears many hats (see bio below) but I think of her most as a woman who takes a stand for bringing alcoholism and recovery out of the shadows – Letting us know that recovery is not only possible but phenomenal and that no matter where you are in the process, you are not alone.

I have admired her work from afar for years and personally known many women whose lives she has touched with her advocacy for telling the truth and taking the shame and stigma out of our addictions. I was thrilled to talk to her for this project and am now honored to call her a friend.

Continue reading