Your Recovered Life Series with Rev. Everett Alexander, PhD, Death Mid-Wife

Rev. Everett Alexander, PhD, Death Mid-Wife


I have known Reverend Everett Alexander since the early days of my recovery. During that time, I’ve seen him walk through the good and bad with an admirable and unshakable dignity, grace, faith and humor. He has beaten ridiculous odds in terms of overcoming his addiction and living HIV positive for 30+ years. 

I’m excited to share this conversation where he shares how when faced with an unfulfilling career that ‘just dried up’ he used a technique (he now teaches others) to find his Heart’s Desire…And how having done and continuing to do that work he has found a way to be self supporting with his ministry and as a certified Death Mid-Wife, assisting the dying and their families with the transition and bringing funerals back into the home.

Everett is a bold pioneer in so many ways and I’m proud to call him a friend.

We discuss:

  • How he found a God that fit
  • What he did when his decades long career evaporated
  • His work with the Twilight Brigade
  • Stepping fully into your heart’s desire
  • Consciously living and dying
  • Being good enough
  • What to do when the voice of the saboteur or critic shows up


Note: You may notice quiet bells and water running from time to time – we have NO idea where that came from! I’m wondering if the universe was directing us to pay attention at certain points… 😉 

Everett’s official bio:

Since the early 80’s Rev. Everett C. Alexander, PhD has been studying different spiritual paths.  The first being “A Course in Miracles” as presented by Marianne Williamson – he went on to study with her for five years and taught at her LA Center for Living.  In his own ministry he has performed over 60 weddings, too many memorials, baptisms and other rituals of faith. He is also a certified death mid-wife, assisting the dying and their families with the transition and bringing funerals back into the home.  Everett currently works with individuals on grief counseling and produces workshops on personal growth and produces a bi-monthly e-mail newsletter entitled “Conversations about God” drawing in part from “Conversations with God” by Neal Donald Walsh which touched him profoundly.  

For information, appointments and event announcements, please contact him at, or text to: 310-663-6557.


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