Your Recovered Life Series with Tonya Meeks, LMFT, Performer

Tonya Meeks, LMFT, Performer


Tonya Meeks is a renegade. She’s a respected therapist AND a rock star performer. 

She says ‘YES!’ to bold opportunities – I’ve watched her do it.

And she tells the truth…She can’t help it.

I look to her as an example and inspiration of going after what you really want, doing it YOUR way and figuring it out as you go. 

I went to see Tonya’s one-woman show, Flying Standby, which tells the story of her childhood with an alcoholic mother, a turbulent ride of addiction, lost love, and a final desperate flight toward reconciliation. YIKES!

One-person shows are the definition of brave.

Or crazy…


It blew my mind.

The acting and story telling were fantastic (and I’m a tough critic) – wit, compassion and humor – and it was clear she touched the audience with her truth and ours… lots of laughter and a tissue or two.

I am so happy she agreed to share her very unique journey!

We discuss:

  • Going after what you love AND how to integrate two passions
  • Following inner nudges even when it doesn’t ‘make sense’
  • The radical idea that art and creativity don’t have to be a secondary things
  • Thoughts on healing prior wounds
  • The voice that said, “Do your art and you’ll stay sober”
  • Walking through the fear to the joy



Tonya’s Official Bio:

Tonya Meeks is an LMFT with a private practice in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach with an emphasis in addiction and creativity.

Tonya possesses immense passion for performance and has written and performed two critically acclaimed one-woman shows.

Combining her clinical training and background in performance, she has created workshops and retreats called Telling the Truth on Stage: Healing Trauma and Addiction through Performance. She designed these to assist others in assessing their creativity.

Her production company Exposure supports others in developing solo work and performance material that speaks directly from the heart exposing the truth of their lives on stage.


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