Your Recovered Life Series with Tim Harrington, Intervention Specialist & Recovery Advocate

Tim Harrington, Intervention Specialist & Recovery Advocate


Tim Harrington is fiercely committed to the world of recovery. He helps people get and stay sober – in whatever way works best for them AND takes daily actions aimed at reducing the shame and stigma of addiction.

The first time I saw Tim in action was at a big conference on addiction treatment. It was during a panel discussion that he raised his hand and asked a simple question.

He referenced how we, who understood addiction and treatment, were all there to learn more…but what about all the people ‘out there’ who weren’t in the know? Especially those whose lives addiction crashed into and who hadn’t a clue about the disease and even LESS about recovery. What if we had a conference for THOSE people?

What an idea!! Right?!?!

I knew I wanted to get to know him better.

So I was happy that when we finally met and I shared this project with him he was totally in. I was looking forward to what he had to share.

I wasn’t disappointed…

We discussed:

  • Living in his car and being out of plans
  • What he believes is the catalyst for ALL recovery
  • The idea of heeding your calling AFTER you’ve got the cash and prizes
  • Hitting an emotional bottom in sobriety and a second surrender
  • His reaction when the bottom dropped out WHILE he was following his heart
  • When God gives you a little more than you can handle
  • What to do with your bag of shit


Tim’s Official Bio:

Tim, Chief Empowerment Officer, Sustainable Recovery, Inc., is a seasoned recovery support specialist, addiction expert, and trained ARISE & Lifestyle Interventionist who has specialized in helping families and individuals in the recovery field for the past 10 years. His recovery management approach is very client-centered and he considers himself to be a “reality-based” recovery coach, utilizing whichever tools seem best suited to helping the client reach their recovery goals. His experiential credentials has allowed him to intervene with families at many levels and enabled him to work with the myriad of problems that go along with addiction. Tim says, “The words most frequently used to describe what we do include the following: identify, engage, encourage, motivate, share, express, enhance, orient, help, link, consult, monitor, transport, praise, enlist, support, organize, and advocate”. Tim is continually attending addiction and mental health conferences and classes and is always up to date on current addiction trends, treatments, medications and resources available to families.


One thought on “Your Recovered Life Series with Tim Harrington, Intervention Specialist & Recovery Advocate

  1. Memory Contento

    Courtney, thank you for this interview with Tim Harrington. Lots of important information was shared. It was information that inspires one to keep going when things get hard. You “keep going” with the understanding that somewhere down the path you will find a wonderful surprise, but you have to “keep going” to find it. These interviews are true gifts.


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