As many of my clients are in anonymous programs I’ve included only their initials…


“To say that Courtney Birch Webster was a major catalyst to my personal and professional growth would be a gross understatement. Her insight and guidance opened up possibilities and opportunities I could never have imagined before connecting with her. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” – P.M., Film Director, Los Angeles


“I came to Courtney wanting to change professions but unsure about my direction, insecure about my abilities and fearful about the whole process.  She helped me make a decision, take action and made my dreams happen.   Now I’m actually working in a field that I love!

Working with Courtney has helped me become more aware of my strengths. She’s helped me see that I have a unique process, a way of being, and to respect that rather than judge myself against others. That shift in perspective has turned my whole life around, really.

She’s warm and funny.  She really listens to me and hears what’s important. She’s got a great perspective on things and helps me get farther in my thinking and awareness than I could do on my own. I highly recommended Courtney as a skilled and gifted coach!” -M.T., Counselor & Coach, Los Angeles


“Working with Courtney has been one of the smartest things I’ve done as an adult and has been truly life-changing. She helped me during a very difficult transition period in my career. She was supportive when I needed her to be, but tough as well–and she has a great sense of humor. She helped me understand the roadblocks I was creating for myself and helped me to recognize and pay attention to what I really want in life. My sessions with Courtney were a great experience and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a life coach.” – B.P., Graphic Designer, Los Angeles


“Courtney has helped me gain much insight into myself and my values.  Through her observations and questions, I have learned to better listen to myself and my needs.  At first I felt uncertain about my goals, but with her help, I’ve clarified and defined my dreams.  Her guidance has also helped me accomplish many goals and overcome big hurdles over the past year.  As a result I feel more capable.  Most importantly, she has always been there when I needed her because she really cares about you as whole person and your happiness.  I am truly lucky to have had her as my life coach.” – S.Y., Student, Los Angeles


“I have grown in a such exponential ways, since I started working with Courtney. I have found strength in my being, in my talents and in my character that I never knew existed. My biggest issues were in the inability to recognize myself, my talents, and even my place in the world.

From the first session, the very first hour that I started to speak with Courtney I felt a change, an expansion of spirit, mind and body, that left me feeling inspired, strengthened….alive.  I began to understand and then recognize the old me, the young, perfect me, that was left behind somewhere in my life. And through her gentle methods I began to learn how to incorporate that old, frightened, don’t speak out of turn me, into my current life.  I found that there was not only a place for a nurturing, talented, beautiful me, but that that really was me, that I am all those things…….and that was just the beginning.

She has helped me recognize the miracles in every day, in the least obvious places, I can now find the beauty that is my life. I found a voice that I didn’t know existed, a voice that speaks my truth, but also a voice the teaches, that creates, that makes a difference.

Through Courtney I am learning to break a cycle of generations past, that kept it’s women silent, obedient and lost. Now my daughter is becoming, and creating a new generation of women that speak, share and acknowledge their truth, that grow and expand without limits, that love without boundaries, and live lives that are truly beyond their wildest dreams.  She is learning through me, and this will be my legacy.

Through Courtney, through the hours of expansive, beautiful, brilliant conversation and discovery I am forever, inexplicably and beautifully changed. I am thankful beyond words, for all that she’s shared with me.” – J.B., Musician, Writer and SAHM, Los Angeles


“Coaching with Courtney changed my life. When we first started working together, I was facing a big scary medical procedure with an uncertain outcome. My doctors delivered frightening news, and I needed someone to help me maintain calm in a high-stress situation.

I am certain that I would not have been able to feel so peaceful during the procedure, nor would the outcome have been so positive without Courtney.  She helped me peel back my internal layers of negativity; the “gremlins” telling me “I can’t,” and the belief that no expectations are better than being disappointed.  She asked me tough questions about why I wasn’t living the life I wanted and helped me discover goals I didn’t realize for which I was searching.

I came to Courtney to find clarity in a specific stressful moment in my life.  But the tools she helped me cultivate have transcended that moment, affecting my entire life personally and professionally. Courtney not only helped me define my goals, she also developed specific action items to achieve these goals and gave practical advice on how to take that important first step of the journey.

I cannot thank Courtney enough for her insight, vision, encouragement and her ability to kick my ass when it needed a good kicking.” – M.H., SAHM, Santa Monica


“I met Courtney at a time when I was on a path of growth and self discovery.  Her guidance as a coach provided a safe atmosphere for me to become more self-aware, her questions encouraged me to think outside the box, and it was always clear that she wanted the best for me.  All in all her coaching was invaluable!” – N.S., Human Resources, Toronto


“I notice since working with Courtney, I am not as hard on myself. I give myself credit for things I accomplish much more than I used to. I feel more confident about who I am and especially about where I am in my life at this point in time. I loved her sense of humor and how comfortable I felt talking to her about anything. I felt like Courtney was very empathetic and shared in my struggles and in my progress. I would absolutely recommend friends to Courtney. She is a great listener and is very intuitive to what people need, without being overly “coachy”. :)” – F.F., Floral Designer, Los Angeles


“I began my coaching journey with Courtney sitting on the proverbial fence about a new career path about which I was both excited and terrified.

Courtney’s coaching style is intuitive and thoughtful. She truly cares about your journey of self discovery and is so supportive every step of the way.  She will get to the root of any “stuck” energy that is holding you back, in my case it was quite a bit of lack of self confidence in all aspects of my life which was holding me back in moving forward with a new career.

I recommend Courtney as a coach more than a 100%!!  If you are thinking about coaching, jump in with both feet! You won’t regret it, I promise!” – N.S., Voice Over Artist, Boston


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