Your Recovered Life Series with Elizabeth Edwards, Singer & Songwriter

Elizabeth Edwards, Singer & Songwriter


I first met Elizabeth Edwards, an amazing singer and songwriter, at a gala benefit celebrating recovery – fancy hotel, fancy food, fancy clothes and no-bullshit conversation.

We ended up seated next to each other and it was a highlight of the evening!

We talked about everything from recovery to passion and purpose and love with lots of emphatic nodding and laughter.

I was intrigued by her story of having had a calling when she was young and walking away from it and even resisting it in sobriety. I wanted all the details…especially how she returned to honor it seven years into recovery.

Elizabeth shares all the details of that journey and imparts the wisdom earned by walking the talk for over 27 years. Experience, strength and hope – and inspiration galore!

We discuss:

  • Ignoring a God-given gift in order to play it safe
  • Getting free from self-centered fear
  • What if you don’t know the HOW of making your dream come true?
  • Using LOVE as your compass
  • Having frustration and angst in a well-paid job
  • What if you don’t know what your calling is?
  • How to listen to the fear and pain and find answers




A Note from Elizabeth:

I have been a songwriter since I was 13 years old – longer than I have been a wife, a mom or a person in recovery and longer than any other work I have done.

Songwriting is my passion and where I have found my purpose. I, like most writers, write about what I know and hope to tap into universal truths that touch the hearts and minds of others.  Although I’ve written many songs, most are about addiction, recovery, emotional growth, life challenges and spiritual healing.

As a person in long term recovery from addiction, I am interested in support, solutions, treatment and education on this and related topics. My support of treatment and education initiatives should not be misinterpreted as being “against” any one group or industry. Instead, it should be known that I am “Pro Solution” for those who need and want help with addiction problems. I support health and education regarding these issues. I am also a strong believer in personal and corporate responsibility.

I am not an expert in any medical field but instead an artist and writer expressing my personal experience, creativity and compassion.



Elizabeth’s official bio:

Elizabeth Edwards is known for her graceful melodic style, her rich lyrics and beautiful vocals but it’s her message of hope and transformation in songs like When Grace RainsSurrender to Win, and Clean that have garnered her a loyal fan base.

As an award winning singer songwriter Edwards was chosen to participate in the Lilith Fair’s talent search hosted by Bill Graham Presents and Alice Radio 97.3 in San Francisco. She’s opened for the late Dan Fogelberg and other songwriting legends such as Jesse Colin Young.  She has worked with comedian Mark Lundholmon several occasions as well as songwriters and musicians such as Richie SupaRicky ByrdKasim Sulton, and Randi Fishenfeld at Recovery Music events. Most recently Elizabeth performed and spoke at several events around the US during National Recovery Month including the FED UP! Coalition reception at The National Press Club in Washington D.C. and at the rally the following day.

She’s performed at the world famous Bluebird Café in Nashville TN and many other coffeehouses and songwriter haunts. She’s toured the country’s college campuses and was awarded a grant by The State of California Arts Council as an Artist in Residence where she taught songwriting to kids who were working hard to overcome life challenges in order to graduate.

“It is my greatest desire to share my music with those

who might find it meaningful.”

Elizabeth’s websites:



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