Your Recovered Life Series with Ross Remien, Director/Founder of Rebos

Ross Remien, Director/Founder of Rebos


I first met Ross Remien two years ago. He had just opened a new treatment center, Rebos in Los Angeles, and I was struck by his fierce passion, unshakable conviction and most sincere desire to make a difference for people who were struggling as he had to get sober and find a life of purpose and passion.

During his 16 years of active addiction he had experienced a wide sampling of rehabs and somehow felt something was missing in the paradigm.

I know, I know.

A newcomer with big ideas of how things ‘should’ be…

But it was during one of his last trips to rehab that he was struck with the idea of opening his own treatment center. That idea was the start of a 7-year journey…

Ross is a rebel, a smart ass and a warrior for recovery and I was so pleased when he agreed to share how it all began and where it is today.

We discuss:

        • CREATING yourself vs. FINDING yourself
        • Missed opportunities
        • EVERYTHING starts with a goal
        • Investigating fear
        • Quitting when it get hard and just before the miracle happens (don’t do it!)
        • Getting feisty and finding your strut 😉


P.S. Here is the link to the book by Po Bronson, What Should I Do With My Life?: The True Story of People Who Answered The Ultimate Question

Ross Remien’s Official Bio:

Ross Remien is the founder and CEO of Rebos, an intensive outpatient program, that is dedicated to providing the life skills, treatment protocols, and individual support needed to help each individual successfully achieve sobriety.

Ross had a severe addiction to drugs and alcohol for 16 years. He has faced his own addictions and totally understands what his clients go through when trying to achieve their personal goals. Ross is known to help clients with unique techniques to see their true potential. He has created Rebos to help people achieve the same success and happiness that he has found.



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