How I Won Big in Vegas

It’s a hot Saturday night in Vegas and I am on my way to a bullsh*t cocktail reception –  the start of a 3-day conference with a thousand people I don’t know – small talk and trying not to be shy. Not the best attitude to start this adventure with…

The day started with an easy flight, a great hotel, lunch with friends, body surfing in the pool (gotta love Vegas), and then a thrilling downpour complete with thunder and lightening. It had been FUN and filled with unexpected cool stuff happening yet here I was dreading what was coming next.

A presenter for the evening had written a book about drinking wine to unleash your creativity. When I had seen this listed in the events I thought, “Great, I don’t drink so what are you saying? That I can’t be as creative?”

I’m really building my case for this to suck, huh?

But wait.

On my way to the party I stopped and asked what I wanted for myself. What was my intention for the evening and the conference?


I wanted something new.

And then I remembered a prayer I had been taught ten years ago…

“Dear God/Universe, please help me set aside everything I know or think I know about  ______ so that I may have an open mind and a new experience.”

So for me?

I asked to set aside all my feelings about small talk, networking, shyness, being excluded from the wine portion of the evening 😉 and even the overall discomfort of the upcoming 3 days.


Just like that?? Really?

Yup. It can be that easy.

I wasn’t asking to be totally transformed and LOVE networking, small talk and cocktail parties. I was just asking for a little space to open up for me to have a new experience. And to not be stuck in “how it’s always been.”

This can be applied to anything…a relationship, a person, a problem or situation, a set of beliefs – but it’s MOST helpful if we have a preconceived notion about how our current reality is going to unfold – and we’re not liking it. 

And guess what happened?

I had a GREAT TIME! Not just that night, but for the whole conference. I met some incredible people, I heard some powerful and inspiring speakers and I learned some cool new tools for coaching and life.

In writing this, I’m surprised to see how the wine party inadvertently DID encourage me to tap into my creativity and connect with spirit. Who knew??

Another reminder to get ready for unexpected gifts when you change your perspective and invite a new experience.  Just set aside everything you think you know…

I’ll be right here and I’d love to hear about it…


2 thoughts on “How I Won Big in Vegas

  1. Janet Alicea

    Hi Courtney, it’s Janet, Kim’s friend – I just wanted to say hello. I read your story and can so relate! I’m going to keep that in mind don’t redo the experience have a new one.
    Thanks for that and nice meeting you, Janet


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