Allow Ease, Invite Possibilities

Here was the assignment from last week:

“Make a list – of things, experiences, feelings that you want to have – declare what you deserve. Think big and bold and sweet and simple – go for 100!”

Okay, so??

How many things did you get on your list?  If you didn’t do one and want to, go for it! We can wait…

Asking that question, I realized I hadn’t done this exercise in a while so I just did it. I got 100 things. It took about 10 minutes. Some repeats, some big goals and some simple sweet stuff. And wouldn’t you know, there were times when I had a mean little voice saying “Oh, really??? You deserve these things, huh? Who do you think you are?”

Whatever. I pushed through and kept writing.

Interesting how that voice shows up. I wrote about it last week, so no surprises there. The saboteur wants to limit what I invite into my life. Nice, huh?

Listen, if you made a list it doesn’t matter how many things you have on it – it matters that you started.

How does it feel??

What did you notice?

How easy or hard was it?

What surprised you?

What do you want more of?

Here is the next step – don’t skip this one – it’s where the magic is! 

Choose 10 of the items on your list and write them down as affirmations.

For example, if you have #67 as ‘a fun blog’ (ahem) – your affirmation would be:

I allow myself to have a fun blog with ease.”

ALLOW yourself to invite those fabulous, gorgeous experiences, things, or ways of being WITH EASE. A more traditional affirmation might be, “I have a fun blog.”


Doesn’t have the same juice or permission does it?

Put your list of 10 on a wall where you will see them everyday. And say them aloud at least once a day – twice if you’re feeling crazy. Do this for a month and see what happens…

There may need to be some action on your part to have these things manifest but consider this a great way to create some space for them in your life.

My contention and personal experience is that thoughts become things. So as my friends over at tut say, “Choose the good ones!”

Tell me about your list and share at least one of your affirmations in the comments!

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