Your Recovered Life Series: True Stories from The Future

What it’s about!

I’ve been working on this project for a while now and it’s time to start sharing.

I am beyond lucky to be able to bring these amazing stories of experience, strength and HOPE to you.

I will be posting videos of these conversations starting tomorrow.

I will keep posting them here on my site AND it’s a podcast you can subscribe to on iTunes.


You can also see the videos at the Your Recovered Life YouTube channel here!




7 thoughts on “Your Recovered Life Series: True Stories from The Future

  1. Tom Hodge

    Very nice job – looking forward to seeing more. Also good to hear your voice again after all this time. You’re looking good!



      1. David Clark

        Thanks Courtney. I’ll be publicising your blogs and interviews on the website. I’m a little ‘disorganised’ at present, as I am visiting my children in the UK – I live in Perth, Australia. Let’s keep in touch. David

  2. David Nielsen

    Great concept and much needed ! Thank you for doing this.

    Can you include a mailing list option for those of us who would like to be notified on some regular basis
    (say weekly or monthly ) on what has grown on your site since last we checked ?


    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for pointing out that my opt-in box has gone away! I am getting it sorted – but will keep you posted when there is news at Your Recovered Life. xo


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