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Get This Show on The Road

Guest post by my Let’s-cut-the-BS Self:

I hereby grant Courtney Webster full permission to write whatever the hell she wants on this blog. I have heard her concerns about a distinct ‘voice’ with a consistent ‘theme’ or whatever other well-meaning suggestions/rules/BS she is hiding behind. Hasn’t she listened to herself?

Just. F**king. Write. It.

Listen, honey, the idea is to share what happens when you go for the life you love. A life that is bold and daring and courageous. Remember? A life beyond your wildest dreams? This is your life and your voice. Sure you are exposed but who cares? It’s just a blog!! And it’s part of this life experiment so whoever reads it gets to see what that looks like…so cut the BS and go for it! Stop taking yourself so seriously! Experiment! Have fun!! Write what you like! Share some cool stuff. Let’s see some songs and videos! Post your sweet heart out! See what happens…

Pep talk and ass-kicking over. I see my ride coming. Gotta go…

What permission do you want to grant yourself? Would love to hear about it!